Logic Box

This is another “switch box” I made for Cooper. The purpose is to introduce him to binary and logic. It features:

  • Hard wired 7-segment displays to draw each letter of his name.
  • 4 “binary” switches wired to LEDs that show what “bit” each switch represents in decimal. Those switches are inputs to a CD411 chip that then displays the decimal output on a 7-segment display.
  • 2 switches passed through a series of logic gates to show: AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, and XNOR logic. It uses diode logic gates (AND/OR), transistor logic gates (NAND/NOR), and diode bridge and transistor logic gates (XOR/XNOR) .

I changed the cover after the below youtube video so it could show the schematic representation of the logic gates and the ASCII representation of the letters of his name in binary.